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We have been hearing a lot about Hunter Burn. But, if you haven’t, it is a fat burner that a UK-based supplement company called Roar Ambition created.

The company has to be blowing its trumpet on its website

Along with their other premium products, including Hunter Test and Hunter Focus, they claim this so-called “ultimate fat burning system” gives you the ability to transform.

But you know by now that we do not listen to marketing. Instead, we do our research; we dive deep to determine which products are worth their hype.

Hunter Burn claims to have more natural fat-burning ingredients than we have ever seen. As a result, we see this trend coming into the supplement market, and we appreciate it.

After you have read our Hunter Burn review, you should be able to tell whether this fat-burning supplement is right for you or if you should find an alternative.

Let’s dig in.

Hunter Burn

How does Hunter Burn work?

First of all, what is Hunter Burn? It is marketed as a fat burner.

This means that it is a blend of ingredients that helps burn excess fat in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise.

There isn’t a single fat burner supplement we have come across that works independently. So you have to put in some work.

You need to eat right and work out consistently for Hunter Burn fat burner to help you out. Here are a few things that Hunter Burn claims to help you with:

  • Increased energy levels to work out harder
  • A leaner, more toned body
  • No more gut, hello, flat tummy
  • Appetite suppression
  • Losing that excess body fat
  • Increased confidence because of your new look

Hunter Burn claims that you do not need to hit the gym every day. It is a premium fat burner supplement for men who have almost no time to work out.

However, we feel that even though you don’t have to be a gym junky, you still need to be active to get the best results.

It would be best to have time for a run or a walk every week. But unfortunately, there is no shortcut to losing weight.

Hunter Burn Ingredients

Hunter Burn has not bundled too many ingredients together, unlike many other fat burners on the market. It contains only six ingredients, but few as they are, they are potent.

One of the main advantages of having fewer ingredients is fewer potential reactions to worry about. We say that some people have allergies or their bodies disagree with certain elements.

In the case of Hunter Burn, you, as the user, only have six ingredients to think about. This makes it easier to decide if this supplement is right for you.

We must note here that all six ingredients are natural. Furthermore, the manufacturing of Hunter Burn is done in gold-standard facilities.

The 6 key ingredients contained in Hunter Burn are:

  • Konjac root extract
  • Vitamin D3
  • L-theanine
  • Cayenne pepper
  • White kidney bean extract
  • Matcha green tea
Hunter Burn label

Konjac Root Extract

Another name for konjac root extract is glucomannan.

Glucomannan is a dietary fiber richly abundant in the starchy root of the konjac plant.

The role of the konjac root extract in the supplement is to help reduce hunger cravings. When your cravings are low, you have the stamina to stick to your diet.

Konjac root extract is a water-soluble fiber (considered one of the densest dietary fibers). Add a small amount of it to a glass of water, and the entire contents will turn into a gel.

As a result, this ingredient will expand in your stomach when you swallow the supplement, making you feel fuller.

Furthermore, it can absorb excess cholesterol and blood sugar while moving through your bloodstream. This creates room for healthier nutrients.

Glucomannan’s ability to reduce body weight in overweight people was demonstrated in a 2005 study undertaken in Norway.

Finally, glucomannan delays stomach emptying, ensuring you sustain that feeling of satiety for longer.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is also known as cholecalciferol or “the sunshine vitamin.” It is a type of Vitamin D produced when your skin gets exposed to sunlight.

Vitamin D3 is also naturally available in some foods. People who have or are in danger of having a Vitamin D3 deficiency can also take it as a supplement.

Vitamin D3 has garnered lots of attention in the medical community thanks to its link to weight gain and other health conditions.

Vitamin D deficiency is typically associated with obesity. This is because overweight people usually have lower levels of Vitamin D.

Research has shown that higher BMI and body fat percentage correlate with lower Vitamin D blood levels.

In Hunter Burn, Vitamin D3 is included as a steroid hormone that can help reduce fat and promote muscle growth.


L-theanine is a naturally occurring compound in black tea and green tea. It is also available in supplement form.

It is a non-essential amino acid. However, it has several health benefits, and weight loss is one.

In green tea, L-theanine is responsible for a savory taste named “umami flavor.”

Research indicates that umami flavors can help one reduce one appetite. A lower appetite means your cravings won’t coerce you into overeating or over-snacking.

L-theanine is commonly used in pre-workouts and nootropics because of its ability to boost focus and mindfulness. It also helps in fat loss and ramping up one’s performance.

Two ingredients in green tea are responsible for the suppressive effect on weight gain and fat increase. These are L-theanine and caffeine.

In Hunter Burn, L-theanine is used for its ability to calm you, lift your mood, and reduce fat build-up.

Relaxed alertness is beneficial because you are less likely to overeat when calm. Note that we comfort-eat when we are anxious, not when we are calm.

L-theanine helps cut body fat by reducing the levels of triglyceride (fat cells) in your body.

Cayenne Pepper

Red cayenne pepper is effective at helping you burn calories and curb your appetite, especially if you are not used to eating. However, for effects may not be as pronounced for someone used to spicy food.

In Hunter Burn, cayenne pepper is included because of its fat-burning capabilities. In addition, it heats your body, compelling it to burn more energy to cool back down.

Cayenne pepper’s main active ingredient is capsaicin, which researchers believe to be a thermogenic chemical. Thermogenic chemicals cause a faster metabolic rate and a decrease in appetite.

Note that capsaicin is responsible for the fat-burning fire, pungent aroma, and spicy test of cayenne pepper.

Another study demonstrated that eating red pepper with every meal makes people feel full and experience fewer cravings. Adding capsaicin to your diet will help reduce your appetite.

As a result, your caloric intake will increase, leading to weight loss.

White Kidney Bean Extract

White kidney bean extract is a natural weight loss aid sourced from white kidneys.

It is a starch blocker and a starch neutralizer. Its vital role is to ensure your body does not absorb too many calories.

When the body reduces calorie absorption, weight loss follows – or at least it remains constant, so there is no weight gain.

White kidney bean contains a protein known as an α-amylase blocker. It is this protein that is responsible for blocking the digestion as well as the breakdown of starch.

In Hunter Burn, this ingredient is added due to the insight that food addiction is hard to break. Now and then, you will give into temptation and forget your diet as cake beckons.

White kidney bean ensures such episodes don’t become diet disasters.

Since the ingredient prevents complex carb breakdown, food passes through the digestive tract and doesn’t get stored as fat.

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea is excellent for weight loss because it’s super-low in calories – 1 gram contains three calories.

Matcha is a particular type of green tea processed differently from other types. It is overwhelmingly potent in antioxidants compared to different kinds of green tea.

Antioxidants help boost immunity and flush out toxins and help prevent weight loss. They are also instrumental in accelerating weight gain.

Furthermore, green tea is abundant in catechins, active compounds with thermogenic properties. That means they break down fat and help increase metabolism.

A compound known as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is responsible for boosting metabolism and curtailing the growth of fat cells.

Find out more about the natural ingredients of Hunter Burn fat burner by visiting this page:

Hunter Burn Ingredients

Potential Side Effects

Here’s the thing.

We always advise you to speak to your physician before taking a supplement. You should first check out the ingredients and see if you are allergic to them.

That is one of the reasons we love products like Hunter Burn because they list all their ingredients. But, on the other hand, we aren’t fans of proprietary blends.

So far from our search, we haven’t come across side effects specific to Hunter Burn. But since it has Matcha Green Tea, we would advise that you reduce your caffeine intake while you take Hunter Burn.

You must also follow the manufacturer’s instructions when taking any supplement. Sometimes, people feel that it will work faster if they take more of a supplement.

Don’t be that person; it is likely to leave you facing dire consequences when you abuse anything. So instead, only take six capsules of Hunter Burn a day and be patient.

If you’ve had a medical condition, you should always check with your doctor whether it is safe to take a supplement. The same case applies if you are under any medication.

Children below the age of 18 should not take Hunter Burn.

Hunter Burn is a very safe product to use if you consider all these things. It is even made in strict adherence to cGMP and FDA guidelines.

How do you take Hunter Burn?

When you buy Hunter Burn, it comes with 180 tables per package. So you should only take six tablets a day.

The best way to take them is thrice a day before your meals. When taking Hunter Burn, water is your friend, so make sure you have lots of it.

You should also take it for at least 90 days before you start expecting significant results.

Pros & Cons


  • Potent ingredients
  • A reputable manufacturer
  • Optimum dosage
  • FREE delivery to the US and UK for multi-buys
  • Made in FDA approved facility
  • Money-back guarantee


  • A premium product at a premium price
Hunter Burn website

Where can you buy Hunter Burn?

You can only purchase Hunter Burn on their official website.

If you find it on any other online or offline shop, be sure you are dealing with a counterfeit product. That being said, Roar Ambition has recently changed its policy, and you may be able to find Hunter Burn on Amazon.

One bottle of Hunter Burn will cost $80 and last you a month. For this package, you will pay to ship.

You can also get two bottles at $160 and free shipping, but only if you are in the US or the UK.

But in case you want to go all-in, you can get the four-bottles package for the price of three, which is $240. This is a great deal considering it takes about 90 days for you to start seeing results.

How can you pay?

You may use Visa, Master Card, Amazon Pay, Paypal, or AmEx.

Check out their product page here.

Is it a good value for the money?


It depends.

You see, Hunter Burn is not for everyone. It is one of the most expensive fat burners we have ever come across.

The website markets it as a premium supplement for the modern-day busy man. One cannot afford to go to the gym every day but is willing to spend a pretty sum to lose the extra kilos.

If you cannot miss your $80 as long as it works, it is definitely worth the money no matter how long it takes. It has a blend of ingredients that we know work.

However, if you are only looking to buy a magic bullet that will give you results in two weeks, you will not like Hunter Burn.

Hunter Burn Results

Does Hunter Burn work, we hear you ask?

In our honest opinion, we believe it does. Hence, we put together this Hunter Burn review. The number one reason most supplements and fat burners do not work for people is looking for a magic bullet.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Instead, you need to eat the right things and ensure that you are staying active to get the best results from Hunter Burn.

We are glad to see Glucommanan here. Cravings and an enormous appetite are the main reasons most people have a gut. Such an ingredient like this is already a great start.

We also have anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, vital for any weight loss journey.

Visit the testimonials page to see Hunter Burn reviews & testimonials of its happy customers.

Luis Gomez

Age: 25 | Country: USA Goal

To cut excess fat

I am simply amazed at this product. I’ve used other fat burning products before, but none have helped me as much as Hunter Burn.

I work out about 5 to 6 days a week, and I felt like I had peaked as far as my physique went. Since taking Hunter Burn, I have been able to continue cutting excess fat and I’m looking better than ever. I would recommend this product to everyone who is looking for that extra help they need to cut down on excess fat.

Hunter Burn has also helped me keep my appetite low, I find I’m not needing to eat as much due to Hunter Burn causing me to feel full much more quickly. After the first week of taking this product, I felt a difference in my workouts as well. I feel lighter and fresher due to the clean ingredients.

The price for this product is worth every penny. Yes, it might not be the cheapest fat burning product, but I feel like you won’t find any other product that has such generous amounts of ingredients per serving. You also won’t find any other product which uses such clean ingredients!

Hunter Burn has taken my workouts to a level that I have not been at for a long time. Thank you, Roar Ambition! I know I will be a repeat customer of the Hunter products. Great job with Hunter Burn, I look forward to seeing more products in the future!


I am a woman; can I take Hunter Burn?

Yes, but we must point out that Hunter Burn is likely to benefit men more than women.

That is not to say that Hunter Burn’s formula is specifically made for men. Women may use it too to aid their weight loss but must manage their expectations.

It may take longer for women using Hunter Burns to get results. This is because of the different ways men and women gain weight.

I am vegan. Can I take Hunter Burn?

Unfortunately, No.

Yes, the ingredients are made wholly from plants. However, the capsule has gelatin in it.

How long should I take Hunter Burn?

You should take it for at least 90 days before seeing tangible results for the best results. Then, of course, you can always work out more and change your diet to hasten the results.

Does Hunter Burn contain any stimulants?

It only has a small dose of mild stimulants. However, you should still limit your caffeine intake from other sources to avoid side effects.

Will I pass a drug test when I use Hunter Burn?

Absolutely! Hunter Burn does not have any illegal or synthetic ingredients that would make you fail a drug test.

Is Hunter Burn the best fat burner on the market?

There are many fat burner supplement products out there. Each product is catered to different purposes, health goals, and body types. Therefore, to label one product as “the best” is misleading.

Considering the ingredients and dosage of Hunter Burn, though, we believe this product could be up there with some of the top fat burner products currently on the market.

More details are on their FAQs page.

The Bottom Line

We feel that Hunter Burn is a cut above the rest when it comes to ingredients. We like that we can see glucomannan and other great ingredients for fat burners.

That Roar Ambition has tried to ensure you deal with your cravings is excellent.

We are a little disappointed that Hunter Burn doesn’t have a bulk discount, given its high price. But it is a premium fat burner, and many resources went into making it.

Another great thing about Hunter Burn is that it has only natural ingredients. Of course, we are a little disappointed for the vegans, but it hasn’t given anyone severe side effects.

We feel that if you use Hunter Burn, you will achieve your body goals as long as you exercise regularly and eat right.

We hope you find our Hunter Burn review valuable and informative.

*Individual results may vary. Please speak with a doctor or physician before undertaking a new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.